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Refractive Surgery


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LASIK Xtra™ is a LASIK procedure enhanced with an add-on corneal strengthening procedure (cross-linking). During LASIK, the excimer laser thins the cornea in order to correct refractive errors like myopia and astigmatism.

Hence, higher degrees of spectacle power correction result in proportionately thinner corneas. Rarely, thin and weakened corneas may progressively bulge forward, a condition called corneal ectasia. LASIK Xtra™ is postulated to reduce this risk by strengthening the cornea.

Who is suitable?

All LASIK patients, especially those with thin corneas.

What are the advantages?

LASIK Xtra™ is a corneal strengthening procedure, suitable for patients with thin corneas following refractive surgery. It potentially reduces the risk of corneal ectasia in all patients.

The LASIK Xtra™ Process

LASIK Xtra™ involves the use of a chemical containing riboflavin (a type of vitamin) and Dextran. Immediately after LASIK, the riboflavin solution and ultraviolet light is applied to the cornea for about 45 seconds. The entire process only adds about two minutes to the LASIK procedure. There is no added discomfort during the LASIK Xtra™ procedure.

As a corneal strengthening procedure, cross-linking has been widely performed for eyes with weaker corneal strength and also in eyes with corneal thinning after LASIK.

LASIK Xtra™ may be useful in normal eyes where the cornea may become very thin after LASIK. Therefore, it may benefit patients requiring high spectacle power correction and in patients with naturally thin corneas.

In general, visual outcomes are not affected by this additional procedure LASIK Xtra™ and the procedure may reduce the risk of corneal weakness after LASIK in certain individuals.

What are the risks of LASIK Xtra™ compared to LASIK?

The risks are essentially the same.

Are patients previously rejected for LASIK because of inadequate corneal thickness now suitable candidates for LASIK Xtra™?

No, patients with inadequate residual corneal stromal beds are still not suitable for LASIK Xtra™.

LASIK Xtra™ Fees

At the SNEC Laser Vision Centre, we are committed to providing quality and accessible ophthalmic care. Our rates are deliberated with the patient in mind.

For more information, please call: 

  • Clinic Appointment and Enquiry - (65) 6322 8891
  • Surgery Appointment - (65) 6322 9335

We accept payment by cash, NETS (subject to the daily limit), debit and credit cards (AMEX, VISA and Mastercard).


Fees with 9% GST (per eye)

​Pre-operative Consultation

​S$156.96 (Consultant)

S$177.67 (Senior consultant)

​LASIK Xtra™ Suitability Assessment


LASIK Xtra™ Surgery

S$2,626.90 (Named Consultant)

S$2,735.90 (Named Senior Consultant)


  • Fee for LASIK Xtra™ surgery is inclusive of first day post-operative consultation and enhancement surgery (if recommended by the primary surgeon within two years).

  • Fees quoted are correct as of 1 March 2024 and may be subject to change without prior notice.

  • Fees quoted are applicable to Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, Employment Pass holders, Work Permit Pass holders and Long Term Visit - Plus Pass holders.

  • A surcharge is applicable to Dependent Pass holders, Social Visit Pass holders, Student Pass holders, Long Term Visit Pass holders and tourists.



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