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Our ophthalmologists provide specialist eye care to more than 50 percent of patients in the public sector. They provide patients with holistic eye care including disease prevention, diagnosis and management of eye disease as well as medical surgical and rehabilitative services in a professional, ethical and gentle manner.


The nurses form the largest component of our workforce – helping to power our numerous successes and drive our multiple achievements. Together with doctors and allied health professionals, they provide education, guidance and resources to individuals of every age in a wide variety of settings who are managing an eye illness or chronic condition.


SNEC's pharmacists work collaboratively with doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and healthcare workers to serve our patients. They help to prepare medications by reviewing and interpreting physician orders, dispense according to good dispensing practice and counsel patients on drug therapy and usage.

Allied Health Professionals

Our AHPs provide a wide range of ophthalmic diagnostic, investigative, therapeutic and support services that are critical to patient care. From diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation, they are empowered to make independent assessments and decisions on patient care.

Management and Administration

Our team of healthcare administrators is an integral part of SNEC and SERI. They work closely with the subspecialty care team to deliver patient-centric care and ensure the smooth running of clinical and business operations at the centre.


Research is one of the three missions of SNEC and the foundation for which innovations impact on clinical care and clinical service delivery. SERI's faculty is dedicated to translating basic science into clinical applications for the benefit of patients.

Ancillary and Support

A seamless, hassle-free patient experience is the cornerstone of SNEC's dedication to excellent service. Whether it is handling patient enquiries, performing cashiering, billing, payment, housekeeping or security services, our team of ancillary and support staff connect with patients from all walks of life and provide invaluable support on the ground.

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