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Clinical Subspecialties

​SNEC is one of the few eye centres in the world that video records every single major eye operation for quality assurance and teaching. The reason: to use the recordings for teaching and monitoring of surgery to ensure high standards and outcomes. While this approach to evaluation of surgical skills started since inception in 1990 was controversial at that time, SNEC believes it is the best way to ensure the highest standards and outcomes for patients.

Over the years, the SNEC has nurtured a pool of talent in subspecialty services with capabilities to diagnose and treat all major eye conditions — a range surpassed by few centres in the world. It provides specialist eye care to more than 50 per cent of patients in the public sector and is ranked among first-in-class for its clinical excellence.


The centre’s full spectrum of subspecialties is supported by a suite of diagnostic and investigations services, as well as a team of physicians:

Dr Arun Kumar Narayanaswamy
FRCS(Ed) (2019), M Med(Ophth), NUS (2012), DNB (1999), MBBS (1994)
Senior Staff Physician

Dr Samanthila Waduthantri
MS(Ophth) (2005), MBBS (2002)
Senior Resident Physician

Dr Prajod Padmalayam
FRCS Glas (2009), MBBS (2000)
Senior Resident Physician

Dr Yang Xu
GDFM, NUS (2016), MD(Ophth) (2009), MBBS (2006)
Resident Physician

Dr Chau Keen Chong
MBBS, NUS (2005)
Senior Resident Physician

Dr Janika Narendra Shah
FRCS Glas (2017), MS (2014), MBBS (2010)
Senior Staff Registrar

Dr Low Chea Yee
MD (2016)
Resident Physician

Dr Sanjay Srinivasan
M Med (Ophth), NUS (2007), MRCSEd (Ophth) (2007), MS (Ophth) (2000), DNB (2000), MBBS (1996)
Senior Resident Physician

Dr Sia Kee Ki Joanna
MD (2017)
Clinical Associate

Dr Vong Chai Yen
MD (2017)
Clinical Associate

Dr Yamon Thant Syn
Dr Med. Sc (Ophth) (2019), MRCSEd (Ophth) (2014), M Med. Sc (Ophth) (2012), MBBS (2004)
Clinical Associate