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Corneal Infections - Treatments

How are corneal infections treated?

Corneal infections are usually treated with anti-infective eye drops and eye ointments. In the case of bacterial infections, antibiotic eye drops are prescribed. Patients with severe corneal infections may be admitted into hospital, to allow the eye drops to be applied intensively (sometimes every hour, and through the night) and for close monitoring of the infection.

Is surgery necessary?

Surgery may be needed for very severe corneal infections, especially if the infection is not responding to anti-infective eye drops. Even after the infection is cured, surgery may still be needed if the infection has resulted in corneal scarring and poor vision. Surgery is performed to remove the infected or scarred cornea and replace it with healthy corneal tissue (“corneal transplantation”).

Corneal Infections - Preparing for surgery

Corneal Infections - Post-surgery care

Corneal Infections - Other Information

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