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Corneal Infections

Corneal Infections - How to prevent?

Contact lens-related infections are the most common cause of corneal infections in Singapore. Good contact lens hygiene and habits can reduce the risk of infections.

Healthy contact lens wear includes:

  • Proper contact lens cleaning and hygiene
  • Regular replacement of disposable contact lenses
  • Regular replacement of contact lens cases as well as cleaning solutions
  • Minimising contact lens wear time

 Activities that carry a high risk of infection and should be avoided include:

  • Overnight wear and sleeping with contact lenses
  • Swimming or showering with contact lenses
  • Contact with tap water

Corneal infections can also occur after eye trauma and injury. Many of these are seen in work site-related injuries and can be prevented with the appropriate use of safety goggles.

Corneal Infections - Preparing for surgery

Corneal Infections - Post-surgery care

Corneal Infections - Other Information

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