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SCORM (School Cohort of Refractive Error/Myopia) Recall

Background of Study

  • The Singapore Cohort of Risk factors for Myopia (SCORM), established in 1999, is the first myopia cohort study in Asia. Children aged 6 to 9 years old were recruited from three Singaporean schools in 1999 and 2001and followed up annually until 2007.



  • To investigate the pattern of refractive error changes and the relationship between progression and risk factors over a 20 year period (1999 to 2019) for children aged 7 to 9 years old to young adults aged 25-28 years old.


Inclusion Criteria

  • 150-250 SCORM adults without high myopia.


Details of study

  • Participants will undergo a comprehensive eye examination. Participants will be reimbursed $50 cash, be given a referral letter (if necessary) for change of prescription and an eye report with other results after the eye examination.