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Clinic F

Clinic F manages a wide spectrum of conditions, from heredofamilial conditions and age-related retina degeneration, to myopic macular disorders and metabolic-related conditions.

Our clinical team of retinal specialists is supported by a team of specialised allied health professionals and nurses, including clinical trial coordinators, nurse counsellors as well as ophthalmic imaging professionals, who work closely to treat retinal conditions with a range of therapies.

The clinic’s treatment capabilities include a full suite of laser facilities such as high speed multi-spot pascal lasers and photodynamic therapy with visudyne, and intravitreal anti-VEGF injections.

The clinic is fitted with the following facilities:

  • Self-registration counters to reduce waiting time

  • Dedicated evaluation, consulting and optometry rooms

  • Laser Centre and Ophthalmic Imaging Centre fitted with a range of laser and ophthalmic imaging equipment

  • Treatment room for minor procedures

  • TV with educational videos

Clinic F
Level 3 (Please use Lift Lobby B)
Singapore National Eye Centre
11 Third Hospital Avenue, Singapore 168751