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Clinics 1, 2, 3 & 5

Clinic Location​ ​Clinical Specialty
​Clinics 1 & 2​Level 1, SNEC

​Clinics 1 & 2 offer eye evaluation, eye care for cataract patients and treats most age-related eye diseases, unexpected vision changes and eye injuries.

The clinics are fitted with age-friendly features to give patients a seamless experience.

  • Self-registration counters to reduce waiting time
  • Dedicated evaluation, treatment, consulting and optometry rooms
  • Minimised patient movement with shared waiting area for eye evaluation test, treatment and consulting rooms
  • Stable link-chairs with armrests to help the elderly with poor balance
  • TV with educational videos
​Clinic 3​Level 1, SNEC​Clinic 3 offers evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of Uveitis
​Clinic 5

​Level 4, SNEC
(Lift Lobby B)

​Clinic 5 offers evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma