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Transthyretin Amyloid Cardiomyopathy (ATTR-CM)

Transthyretin Amyloid Cardiomyopathy (ATTR-CM) - Treatments

​The treatment for ATTR-CM is aimed towards:

  • making patients feel better or relieving symptoms 
  • reducing abnormal protein deposition on the various organs. 

Lifestyle adaptations will be advised. Medications to rid the body of excessive fluid, which may cause breathlessness and leg swelling, can be given. Certain medications that may worsen giddiness or slow down the heartbeat may be stopped by your doctor. In some cases, a special battery to regulate the heartbeat (pacemaker) may be required. If there is irregular heart rhythm, blood thinning may be prescribed to reduce the risk of a stroke.  

This is a chronic progressive condition. Although there is currently no known cure for this condition, specific treatments to reduce protein deposition on the organs have been made available. More studies are also underway. 

Should you be diagnosed with ATTR-CM, it is important to remember you are not alone. With current available treatment, most patients can still have a reasonable quality of life for several years.

Transthyretin Amyloid Cardiomyopathy (ATTR-CM) - Preparing for surgery

Transthyretin Amyloid Cardiomyopathy (ATTR-CM) - Post-surgery care

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