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Sports Related Injury – Tennis Elbow 

Sports Related Injury – Tennis Elbow  - Symptoms

What can you not do?

With the tennis elbow, pain occurs over the outer bony prominence of the elbow and it may hurt when you press on that area. Pain can occur with bending the wrist up and down repetitively, or when one turns the forearm inward and outward (i.e. palm down and palm up position) repetitively. When the elbow is fully straight, extending the wrist (i.e. bending the wrist upwards with palm facing down) will reproduce pain at the elbow.

If pain occurs after trauma or fall, it is important to make sure that it is not due to other conditions such as a fracture. Bruising or swelling are also symptoms that suggest conditions other than tennis elbow. Pain occurring at night that wakes you from sleeping is unusual in tennis elbow and needs further investigation while pain that is burning in nature suggests a possible nerve problem rather than tennis elbow.

Sports Related Injury – Tennis Elbow  - Causes and Risk Factors

Sports Related Injury – Tennis Elbow  - Diagnosis

Sports Related Injury – Tennis Elbow  - Preparing for surgery

Sports Related Injury – Tennis Elbow  - Post-surgery care

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