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Sports Related Injury – Neck Pain

Sports Related Injury – Neck Pain - Symptoms

Neck pain is usually localised to the back of the neck. The pain can sometimes also include the back of the head with headaches or include the upper shoulder and back muscles. This pain may be continuous or intermittent. It is best to avoid activities that worsen the neck pain which might include turning your head all the way in one direction, prolonged poor postures or jarring exercises.

The neck pain may require more urgent medical attention if it is associated with new bowel or bladder problems, sudden onset of weakness, abnormal or loss of feeling in the arms or legs, or if associated with a trauma or a fall. Be sure to see a doctor if you have a history of cancer, have neck pain that wakes you from sleeping, or pain that is associated with fevers or unexplained weight loss.

Sports Related Injury – Neck Pain - Causes and Risk Factors

Sports Related Injury – Neck Pain - Diagnosis

Sports Related Injury – Neck Pain - Preparing for surgery

Sports Related Injury – Neck Pain - Post-surgery care

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