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Sports Related Injury – Frozen Shoulder

Sports Related Injury – Frozen Shoulder - How to prevent?

What can you do?

Seek medical advice if you think you may have this condition as early intervention can prevent stiffness. Follow advice given by medical professionals as it is important to do the daily exercises at home as prescribed by the physiotherapist.

Try to keep the shoulder moving, even if it is just pendular swing exercises and stretching the arm onto a wall.

  • Shoulder assisted ROM: use one arm to lift the other arm
  • Shoulder assisted abduction with stick

If movement is very painful, these exercises should be conducted under the guidance of a physiotherapist or doctor.

To provide some relief, you may apply of a warm towel for 5 to10 minutes prior to exercise. If there is increased pain after the exercise, you can ice the painful area for 10 to 15 minutes.

Sports Related Injury – Frozen Shoulder - Causes and Risk Factors

Sports Related Injury – Frozen Shoulder - Diagnosis

Sports Related Injury – Frozen Shoulder - Post-surgery care

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