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Lumbar Puncture - Symptoms

Lumbar Puncture - How to prevent?

Lumbar Puncture - Causes and Risk Factors

What are the risks involved?

Pain during placement

  • Discomfort can result from the needle puncture. This will be lessened with a local anaesthetic. The discomfort is usually mild and transient and does not imply serious injury.


  • Some patients get a headache. This is usually mild and improves with bed rest and hydration.


  • Bleeding can occur around the puncture site or, rarely, into the spinal cord. This is usually minor and stops on its own.


  • This is a downward shift of the brain due to a sudden decrease in the pressure within the intra-cranial cavity. This is exceedingly rare and occurs when lumbar puncture is inappropriately done without due consideration of raised intra-cranial pressure.

Lumbar Puncture - Diagnosis

Lumbar Puncture - Post-surgery care

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