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Jaundice - How to prevent?

Jaundice - Treatments

Treatment of jaundice is tailored to identifying and treating the underlying cause. For medical jaundice, the treatment is generally supportive and avoidance of further liver insult. Acute liver failure carries high mortality rate and may require liver transplant if supportive measure failed.

Patients presenting with obstructive jaundice and sepsis requires close monitoring and antibiotic treatment. Biliary decompression via percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage (PTBD) or endoscopic drainage may be required urgently for sepsis control. Emergency surgery is rarely required in acute setting. Subsequently surgery maybe planned for gallstones/ ductal stone disease in the form of cholecystectomy, laparoscopic or open, with or without CBD exploration.

Definitive surgery, curative or palliative bypass maybe be arranged for suitable candidate with underlying malignancy after proper evaluation and study.

In general, jaundice is a hallmark of underlying syndrome that requires collative management in multidisciplinary approach.

Jaundice - Preparing for surgery

Jaundice - Post-surgery care

Jaundice - Other Information

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