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Heart Transplant

Heart Transplant - Symptoms

Heart Transplant - How to prevent?

Heart Transplant - Causes and Risk Factors

Heart Transplant - Diagnosis

Who needs a heart transplant?

Patients suffering from end-stage heart failure where their condition cannot be relieved by conventional medical or surgical treatment may need a heart transplant. 

Who is eligible for a heart transplant? 

Patients suffering from end-stage heart disease and under the age of 60 are the most likely candidates for a heart transplant. The doctor, patient and family must address the following four basic questions to deter¬mine whether a transplant should be considered:
  • Have all other therapies been tried or ruled out?
  • Is the patient likely to die without the transplant?
  • Is the person in generally good health other than suffering from heart disease?
  • Can the patient adhere to the lifestyle changes which include complex drug treatments and frequent examinations - required after a transplant?

Patients who do not meet the above criteria or suffer from other conditions, such as other severe diseases, active infections or severe obesity, are not suitable candidates for a heart transplant.

Heart Transplant - Treatments

Heart Transplant - Preparing for surgery

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