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Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (CPET)

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Between the treadmill and bicycle Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test

Most people will be assigned to the treadmill CPET because the body’s response to this is most similar to our daily routine. For those with severe back or lower limb musculoskeletal issues, or unsteady gait problems, they will be assigned to the bicycle CPET instead. 

For selected individuals like amateur and professional cyclists who want to measure their exercise response on bicycle stress or whose exercise workload is crucial for medical decision-making, a bicycle CPET will be performed. The following table shows the differences between a treadmill and bicycle CPET. 

 Bicycle CPET

 Treadmill CPET

More accurate ECG and blood pressure measurements because there are less movement artefactsECG and blood pressure measurements might not be as accurate due to movement artefacts
Low risk of falls Risk of falls
Suitable for a wide range of demographics and patient profilesMight not be suitable for sedentary or elderly population
More controlled measurement of workloadLess controlled measurement of workload
Gradual and smoother increase in exercise stress levels during the test Certain protocols may mean a significant jump in stress levels is required when changing stages

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