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Helping Our Patients

At SNEC, we want to bring eye treatment within reach of all Singaporeans. For many patients who want to save their eyesight, highly innovative therapies often provide a way out. Unfortunately, these novel and complex interventions are often costly, and may not be fully covered by currently available subsidies.

Parents of young children with high myopia often need to fork out money for specialised prescription glasses and eye treatments on a regular basis. Some children also develop eye conditions such as congenital cataracts and eye tumours, which require expensive surgical procedures to correct.

Working-aged adults with eye conditions such as diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma are often too busy to recognise the symptoms of these conditions – often until the conditions have advanced into more regressive states, which require more costly intervention methods.

If they are middle-aged adults with families, these eye patients are often sandwiched as caretakers of their young children and their elderly parents, which further tightens the financial burdens they face should they wish to seek treatment.

In some cases, means testing may exclude certain patients from receiving help. This is particularly problematic for the elderly - for some retirees, saving their eyesight may come at the expense of losing their homes.

With eye conditions striking Singaporeans of all ages, the need for medical eye care intervention has never been stronger. Your contributions will go a long way in not just saving sight, but also improving the quality of life of our patients.

Click here to hear how VisionSave assistance has helped some of our patients pay for their medical fees and manage their eye conditions.

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