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As the backbone of the SNEC, the nurses form the largest component of our workforce – helping to power our numerous successes and drive our multiple achievements.

Together with doctors and allied health professionals, they provide education, guidance and resources to individuals of every age in a wide variety of settings who are managing an eye illness or chronic condition.

Our nurses touch the lives of our patients in many special ways. They are responsible for the management, supervision and provision of nursing service in the outpatient clinics, Day Ward, operating theatres and satellite clinics.

They demonstrate leadership by taking an active role in advancing nursing quality and patient safety. As nurses, they focus on assessing and treating patients with a variety of eye diseases and injuries. They care for patients with eye disorders and assist the team of medical staff in various clinical settings.

Besides caring for our patients, our nurses also participate in research, extend our services to the community, reach out to underprivileged groups and organise free eye screenings to detect and prevent blindness.

As healthcare continues to advance and evolve, our nurses set the standard for care and act as mentors for emerging nurses, modelling best practices and instilling the resilient spirit that is necessary to remain effective and successful in this field. We offer different career progression tracks to cater to the differing aspirations of individual nurses. 


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