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Issue 1/2023 (Latest Issue)            
In this issue of SINGVISION, we cast light on diseases of the retina - the light-sensitive layer of the eye that enables us to see. Learn more about advances in our research efforts and treatment options for retinal diseases.
We are also happy to share that researchers at SNEC and SERI have secured a $25-million grant to reduce glaucoma-linked blindness in Singapore.
Click to read more about the latest updates at SNEC and SERI. Enjoy reading!


Issue 2/2022 (Latest Issue)  
In this issue of EyeSight, we highlight new clinical initiatives, new research studies on Glaucoma and Cataract, looking into the activities of our allied health colleagues, and learn more about Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Strabismus. In addition, we also showcase our collaborative efforts with the Vietnam National Eye Hospital and the SNEC Global Ophthalmology (SNEC-GO) Programme.