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Women of Vision
Celebrating SG Women


In the Year of Celebrating SG Women, we present stories which showcase and celebrate women’s multi-faceted contributions and progress at SNEC and SERI.

Join us to honour and acknowledge our team of amazing women who have made impact in the field of Ophthalmology, inspiring those around them with their brand of ethos in life.


SNEC has many HODs who are women. How does it feel to be part of this leadership team?
SNEC has a great culture of promoting women leaders, and I am proud to be part of our leadership team. In my experience, SNEC has always been extremely receptive to all of my initiatives, ideas and even constructive criticism — that’s a great example of how I am a valued member of the leadership team.

When you pursued a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), did you foresee yourself in this role?
When I pursued a career in ophthalmology, leadership was not one of my main goals, as I was searching for a career that would make a difference to society and bring me professional and personal fulfilment. However, as I progressed in my career, great examples of female mentorship and leadership have motivated me to pass the baton to the younger generation.

Which female role models inspired you to get into STEM?
Helen Adams Keller shares my birthday, and she was born exactly a century before I was. She was a deaf and blind American author, lecturer, and advocate for disability rights. In the same way, my passion for improving visual rehabilitation services and being an advocate for the visually impaired has shaped much of my career today. Her inspiring life and achievements, despite her disabilities, make her an amazing and motivating role model. Another female role model of mine is Michelle Obama. I admire her intelligence, poise, elegance and trailblazing attitude while she pursued her passion to improve the health and diet of schoolchildren, yet maintaining unwavering support for her husband throughout his presidency.

How did you balance family/personal life and career in your path towards HOD at SNEC?
I am blessed to have a very supportive, feminist husband, who encourages me to pursue all of my dreams and ideas. To balance a fulfilling career and personal life, it’s important to take time to prioritise the important things in life and overall life goals. Only then are we able to effectively manage the limited time we have and put wholehearted efforts into achieving our aims. My advice to young women in STEM is to dare to dream big, expect that there will be some adversities, and invest in supportive relationships that will pull you through!

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