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Our Giving Impact

​Getting through the last few months have been nothing short of hectic, with new rules and safe distancing measures being implemented. But thankfully, despite this, many people have not forgotten to step forward to support VisionSave – more people have been donating and raising funds for needy patients, and giving to our cause of supporting our healthcare heroes.

VisionSave, our philanthropic arm, has launched a few new campaigns which have been met with extraordinary support despite the turbulence caused by COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the generosity of many, in this year alone, we have raised more than $750,000 as of 30 September 2020 to help patients in need, and support research and education efforts. These philanthropic efforts will go down in history to mark the spirit of giving and how we have stood by each other collectively to weather the pandemic.

The Heroes Fund

No one has been spared from the devastating effect of COVID-19. From the loss of loved ones to our economy to our way of life, this highly infectious disease has taken so much away from us. The longer the pandemic persists, the greater the human costs. It is critical that we find new ways to deal with this crisis, as well as prevent such a situation from occurring again.

The Heroes Fund was set up in May this year to strengthen Singapore’s defence against epidemics. The money raised will help us uncover new ways to detect, diagnose and prevent the spread of infectious diseases via the eyes. It will also support our healthcare workforce by providing them with quality training, tools, innovations and new models of care in the field of ophthalmology. All of which will give us the ability to provide the best possible care to patients and save more lives in Singapore and beyond.

The Heroes Fund received a boost of about $600,000 as of 30 September 2020 in a short span of five months. We are grateful to our corporate donors and foundations as well as the many individuals for giving to our cause to support our healthcare heroes. This will surely go a long way towards making our vision of a future-ready medical frontline a reality.

Every dollar counts in our mission to fight blindness and improve the lives of patients. You too, can help out with this initiative. Pledge your support and play a part to help us meet the $1 million target. Click here to donate to The Heroes Fund now.

The Barry Cullen International Fellowship in Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

We started a fundraising campaign recently to establish The Barry Cullen International Fellowship in Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences. This fellowship serves as a tribute to Professor Barry Cullen who passed away on 23 September 2020. 

A ‘Giant in Ophthalmology’, Prof Barry Cullen shaped the educational landscape of Ophthalmology in Singapore and Malaysia, and is renowned for his dedication and contributions to the advancement of Neuro-ophthalmology worldwide. He helped establish specialist Ophthalmology examinations in Singapore and Malaysia, set up the Neuro-Ophthalmology Service in SNEC, and mentored generations of ophthalmologists.

The fellowship sets its sights on:

  • Nurturing young clinicians and clinician-scientists

  • Advancing their training in Ophthalmology and visual sciences, particularly in the subspecialty of Neuro-Ophthalmology

  • Continually developing all areas of Ophthalmology

  • Strengthening SNEC’s outreach and profile globally

To honour Prof Cullen for his many contributions to SNEC and to continue his good work in the same nurturing spirit, SNEC aims to raise $625,000. This fellowship stands not just in remembrance of our dearly departed colleague, but also to improve eye health standards locally.

To make this a sustainable and long-term fellowship for ophthalmologists from the region who may not otherwise have the opportunity to further their training in Singapore, we appeal for your help to make a donation. Click here to donate now.

Donation of Cash Payout from COVID-19 Solidarity Package

In April 2020, Singaporeans aged 21 and above received a $600 payout from Government, to tide them over the COVID-19 outbreak.

An appeal was made to Singaporeans who are living reasonably well to consider donating or give a portion of their solidarity handout to VisionSave, to help our needy patients. We are heartened to record more than $13,000 of donations from this appeal, which will offer a valuable means for underprivileged patients battling eye diseases to save their sight.

Staff Giving Campaigns

‘I hope my small donation can help’ – how our people are helping needy patients cope with COVID-19

Staff of SNEC and SERI have shown during these trying times that they are not only selfless at caring for patients, but they are also great at giving back to support philanthropic causes. Here are some of the staff initiatives that we have seen giving back to VisionSave during this period.

Cooking for a Cause

A team from various departments – Glaucoma, Patient Liaison Services, Retina Centre at Diabetes & Metabolism Centre (DMC) and Primary Eye Care Services – wanted to do more than donating money. They began an initiative recently to cook and sell international cuisines (including Chinese, Malay, Indian, Peranakan, Vietnamese, Philippines, and Western delights) that were prepared in their own kitchens, then donating the proceeds.

Orders quickly poured in from colleagues in SNEC and SERI who were eager to support this initiative and the team would spend many hours off-work cooking to fulfil as many orders as possible. This “Buy Your Lunch and Do Your Part for Charity” campaign has successfully raised $12,700.

‘From the Heart’ Gift Vouchers

For many of our staff, the past nine months have been the most challenging they have experienced, as they battled on the front lines of COVID-19. But their spirit of serving and giving continues despite the unprecedented challenges they faced.

114 staff generously donated the vouchers that were gifted to them on Nurses’ Day 2020. The proceeds raised a total of $1,380 for VisionSave.

Every gift counts, regardless of the amount. You can choose to support a specific cause which you are passionate about, or you can make a contribution that will support our causes in patient care, medical research and education. You may donate through