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The Wallace Foulds Professorship

​The SERI Professorship in Ophthalmology Research has been renamed the Wallace Foulds Professorship, in honour of the world-renowned eye specialist who provided the blueprint that led to the formation of SERI.

A world-famous leader in ophthalmic research, the late Prof Wallace Foulds made lasting contributions to the development of SNEC; he also charted the direction for SERI in its formative years. For more than 20 years, he was actively advising and mentoring the faculty of SNEC, SERI and National University of Singapore (NUS), constantly inspiring the researchers in these institutions. After his retirement, he continued visiting Singapore regularly until 2018.

Dedicating his life towards training young ophthalmologists and clinician-scientists, he contributed immensely to advancing research in retina diseases, myopia, and basic sciences in ophthalmology. He was even awarded a patent for myopia control when he was past 90 years old! Our ophthalmologists and clinician-scientists had always looked forward to his visits, as they benefitted immensely from his inevitably generous counsel. In fact, his guidance and mentorship were invaluable to many of the top eye specialists in Singapore.

As such, the Wallace Foulds Professorship is a befitting tribute to his legacy at SNEC and SERI. Through it, SNEC hopes to nurture more distinguished professionals like Prof Foulds. Its endowment of $2.5 million will be used to
support Research and Development (R&D) activities conducted by the Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences Academic Clinical Programme (EYE ACP). These include:

  • building capabilities of R&D projects, programmes and initiatives
  • funding infrastructure/refurbishment to support R&D activities
  • organising conferences, courses, training and seminars
  • training future generations of researchers

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