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Let’s GO save sight

SNEC Global Ophthalmology (SNEC-GO) has numerous programmes and initiatives in place to address challenges in eye care delivery for the region and beyond.

There are 2.2 billion people around the world affected by blindness and vision impairment! South Asia and Southeast Asia have the highest rates of avoidable blindness in the world.

SNEC-GO was set up in 2020 with a mission to alleviate preventable blindness, and to address important eye care challenges in the region. SNEC-GO is able to leverage the eye care expertise available in SNEC and SERI, and hopes to empower and build capacity in regional institutes and countries through collaborative research, education, and global advocacy.

Driving this initiative is SNEC-GO’s Executive Secretariat, Dr Jayant V Iyer, who is also Head of Clinical & Service Quality, and Senior Consultant in the departments of Glaucoma and Cataract & Comprehensive Ophthalmology at SNEC. “We have a heart for the underserved regions of Asia and beyond when it comes to ensuring provision of quality eye care,” said Dr Jayant.

“Meeting this challenge of more equitable availability of eye care to those in need in our region will also entrench SNEC and SERI’s position as global leaders in eye care delivery, research, and education.”

To promote and conduct eye care research that creates the evidence base to address prevailing challenges in ocular disease in Southeast Asia and beyond.

To train and educate world-class eye care professionals in the region.

Outreach & Advocacy
To play a key role in the development of ophthalmic institutes in the region, and to enable delivery of world-class eye care to all, regardless of locale or socioeconomic status.

SNEC-GO, in partnership with regional institutes and international ophthalmologists from the region, recently organised two engaging virtual educational webinars — known as SNEC-GO Rounds — in June and November 2021.

SNEC-GO has set up numerous initiatives under its three pillars of Research, Education, and Outreach & Advocacy. These programmes have been set up in collaboration with other institutions and humanitarian organisations focused on eye health.

We are always keen to discuss and develop new collaborations. If the sight-saving mission of SNEC-GO interests you, scan the QR code or visit for more information.

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