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The SNEC Professorship in Clinical Innovation in Ophthalmology

The SNEC Professorship in Clinical Innovation in Ophthalmology has been conferred on Professor Jodhbir Mehta, Deputy Vice Chair (Research) of the EYE ACP.

Professor Mehta is the Head and Senior Consultant of the Corneal and External Eye Disease Department at SNEC, and the Deputy Executive Director of SERI. He is also a full tenured Professor with Duke-NUS Medical School.

Professor Mehta plays a key role in the translational clinical research programme on innovations in tissue engineering of selective corneal cell layers for corneal transplantation. His efforts have generated 15 patents, of which six have been licensed to companies, demonstrating the translational nature of his work and clinical innovation. Professor Mehta is also highly regarded in the areas of corneal transplantation and laser wound healing. He has contributed to several high impact research projects and for his work, he has been awarded research funding support for more than 26 projects since 2008 as a Principal Investigator (PI) and as a Co-PI. He currently has more than 11 ongoing research grants awarded by the NMRC, HREF and A*STAR, totaling more than $7.65 million. He was also awarded the NMRC CSA award, for his research project on ‘Analysis of oxidative stress in cultured and diseased human corneal endothelial cells’ in 2015.

Professor Mehta has currently published more than 400 peer-reviewed papers and more than 100 abstract publications. He has given more than 275 presentations at conferences and scientific meetings. To date, Professor Mehta has received more than 52 awards for his oral and poster presentations at scientific meetings. He has given more than 13 Named and Keynote Lectures. His contributions and professional standing led to his appointment on several editorial boards.

Professor Mehta has had many collaborations with local and overseas institutions on nanotopography, drug delivery systems, surface modifications, infectious keratitis, antibody production, gene therapy, endothelial cell therapy, laser wound healing, and endothelial transplantation.

Professor Mehta is also committed to clinical teaching, both in the form of lectures and courses to other surgeons both in Singapore and Internationally in the USA, Europe and Asia on advanced forms of corneal transplantation and corneal imaging and is regularly invited several times a year worldwide to give lectures on these surgical techniques. In, he currently ranks Number 1 in the world for expertise in Cornea and Number 2 for Refractive Surgery.

The conferment of this Distinguished Professorship is an endorsement of Professor Mehta’s dedication and hard work in the field of Clinical Innovation in Ophthalmology. It will enhance the efforts of the EYE ACP, SNEC and SERI in spearheading innovative and world-leading eye-care delivery for our patients and to further pave the way for future thought leaders of Innovation in Ophthalmology.