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The Scleral Biomechanical Properties in Pathologic Myopia and Myopic Glaucoma

​Due to the excessive elongation of the eyeball and increasing age, central retinal degenerative changes include myopic macular degeneration, posterior staphyloma (local outpouching of the sclera) and choroidal neovascularisation (bleeding in the macula) could result in the loss of central vision.

We are looking for adults aged 21 and above with:

  • Low myopia (≤ 2.75 dioptres (D) of myopia) 

  • High myopia (≥ 6.0 dioptres (D) of myopia)

  • Myopic-glaucoma (≥ 6.0 dioptres (D) of myopia)

The aim of the study:

  • Monitor the changes in the eye through advanced and innovative imaging technologies

  • Identifying stress-strain relationships in the posterior sclera with pathological myopia

  • Understanding of disease pathways in high and pathologic myopia, and the link between glaucoma and myopia

Site of study: Myopic and Pathologic Eyes in Singapore (MyoPES) Clinic @ Singapore National Eye Centre