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Satellite Assistive Technology Loan Library @ SNEC

​A collaboration between SPD and SNEC, the satellite assistive technology loan library is set up at SNEC to provide trial and loan of Assistive Technology (AT) devices to individuals with visual impairment to take home and to be used in their daily lives.

One will be assessed for suitability by our Optometrist and through trial and/or loan services to be able to make better informed decisions on the appropriate devices to adopt.

List of devices for loan.


Who is eligible for loan services?

Loan services will be extended to those who meet all the following criteria:

  • Singaporeans or Permanent Residents
  • Existing SNEC patients with an ophthalmologist consultation within the last 18months

What is the process of loaning the devices?

  • Speak to your doctor in charge for a referral for low vision assessment appointment
  • Our low vision optometrist will determine the appropriate device after the assessment
  • The patient will be required to sign an official agreement form agreeing to the terms and conditions of loaning the AT device

Can non residents who are existing SNEC patients loan the devices to take home?

No. However, non-residents can still loan the devices for a trial during their low vision assessment appointment.

What is the maximum loan duration?

3 weeks.

What are the fees?

Loaning of the devices is free if the devices are returned in good order before the due date. However, a late charge of $20 per week will be imposed up to a maximum of 3 months from date of loan. Stipulated charges (amount will be advised before device loan) will be imposed on the patient for failure to return the devices after 3 months.