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Common Symptoms of Low Vision

Reduced Visual Field

Visual field refers to the entire area that can be seen when fixating at a certain point in space. Visual field loss is generally divided into central and side visual field loss.

People with central visual field loss typically have difficulty with the following:

  • Recognising faces
  • Reading

What can be done?

Increasing size:

  • Reduce viewing distance by bringing the object of interest closer to view
  • Use of optical aids like magnifiers, accessibility features on smart devices e.g smartphones/tablets

People with side visual field loss typically report the following:

  • Increased difficulty detecting steps or kerbs
  • Startled by object or people ”suddenly appearing” in front of them
  • Knocking into people or objects when navigating around

What can be done?

  • Orientation and mobility training
  • Caregiver training (sighted guide technique)
  • Reverse telescope
  • Peripheral prism

View through reverse telescope: images appear smaller but wider field of view

Common eye conditions that can result in reduced visual visual field