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Common Symptoms of Low Vision

Blurred Vision

In an eye clinic, visual acuity is usually taken to determine the level of a person’s vision. Visual acuity refers to the clarity of the vision and ability to discern details. Reduced visual acuity is commonly referred to as ‘blurred vision’.

People with reduced visual acuity report the following:

  • Difficulties with reading e.g books/newspapers
  • Difficulties seeing signs boards/bus numbers
  • Adopt unusual head posture or holding things up close to their eyes

What can be done?

Increasing size:

  • Reduce viewing distance by bringing the object of interest closer to view
  • Use of optical aids like magnifiers, accessibility features on smart devices e.g smartphones/ tablets

Adaptation strategies:

  • E.g using bus arrival apps to estimate the time of bus arrivals

Common eye conditions that can result in reduced visual acuity