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Knee - Cartilage Injuries

Knee - Cartilage Injuries - Symptoms

Knee - Cartilage Injuries - How to prevent?

Knee - Cartilage Injuries - Causes and Risk Factors

Knee - Cartilage Injuries - Diagnosis

Knee - Cartilage Injuries - Treatments

Surgical Options

As the ability of the cartilage to heal by itself is limited, your surgeon may recommend that you undergo resurfacing procedures. Some of the surgical options include:

knee injuries surgery
  • Arthroscopic microfracture techniques to help fill the defect with blood clot and stem cells
  • Osteochondral autograft transfer techniques where plugs of cartilage, together with its supporting bone foundation, are taken from a less critical part of the knee and transplanted to cover the defect
  • Autologous cartilage implantation techniques where cartilage cells are harvested from the knee, grown and multiplied in the laboratory, and subsequently implanted back into the joint to cover the defect

Knee - Cartilage Injuries - Preparing for surgery

Knee - Cartilage Injuries - Post-surgery care

Knee - Cartilage Injuries - Other Information

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