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Visionary Award

Visionary Award
This award was inaugurated in 2016 to recognise the resolute commitment by individuals whose resolute commitment towards a vision have led to societal benefit in Singapore and the region. The award reflects values that are important to SNEC and SERI and that we would like to acknowledge and applaud.

The Visionary Award recipients:

2018: Professor Soo Khee Chee

Professor Soo’s name is well known in the healthcare and education circles. A highly respected figure, he was the founding director of the National Cancer Centre Singapore and held various leadership positions in education.

Professor Soo’s passion for people, training, education and research shines through in his daily work. His sincerity, humility and ‘paying it forward’ values have touched countless patients’ lives, empowered numerous young doctors, elevated fundraising into an art and built a culture of medical philanthropy in Singapore’s healthcare community.

2017: Dr Lee Seng Tee


Dr Lee Seng Tee is recognised internationally as an established businessman, major philanthropist and patron of the arts. He is also the Chairman of the Lee Foundation, Singapore’s largest private charitable foundation, whose generosity has paved the way towards better empowerment by education, a robust support system for the underprivileged and the furtherance of the arts in Singapore.

2016: Prof Tommy Koh

Prof Tommy Koh is Singapore’s Ambassador-At-Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as Special Adviser of the Institute of Policy Studies and Chairman of the Centre for International Law, National University of Singapore. A familiar name to many Singaporeans, Prof Koh has made significant contributions to local arts and cultural initiatives and is often consulted on international matters.