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​Outpatient Consultation Charges

With effect from 1 January 2017

Subsidised (GST is absorbed by the government)

Consultation ​Singapore Citizen ​Permanent Resident
​First Visit​S$37.00​S$56.00
​Repeat Visit​​S$37.00​​S$56.00

Private (Inclusive of GST)

Consultation ​Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident and Foreign Resident
First Visit
​Senior Consultant​S$123.05
​Associate Consultant​​S$95.23
Repeat Visit
​Senior ConsultantS​$96.30
​Associate Consultant​S$67.41


Please Note:
1. All fees quoted are:

(a) in Singapore dollars and subject to revision without prior notice.

(b)  not inclusive of that for pre-consultation evaluation tests, procedures, investigations, consumables items, pharmacy products and other services / products.

(c) not applicable for consultations at the Neuro-Ophthalmology clinics. You may approach our counter staff or call our appointment line [Tel: (65) 6227 7266] for more information.

2. Fees may differ for Non-Resident.

3. A patient will be classified as a First Visit patient:

(a) after a patient has been discharged, or

(b) when a patient’s last visit has lapsed by more than 24 months.