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You can use Medisave to pay your hospital bill as well as that of your immediate family, i.e. your spouse, children, parents or grandparents. If you are using your Medisave for your grandparents, they must be Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents.

During the listing of your surgery/laser procedure, you should inform the Listing staff that you intend to use your Medisave to pay. You should also bring along your NRIC/Passport or your CPF membership card. You will also need to sign a Medisave Authorisation Form authorising the CPF Board to deduct from your Medisave Account to pay for the bill.

Medisave CAN be used for the following:
Who can I use my Medisave for?
You can use your MediSave for yourself or your immediate family members which include your spouse, children, parents and grandparents. They can be of any nationality, except for grandparents who must be Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents.

Medisave CANNOT be used for the following:

  • Outpatient consultation fees, tests and investigations (except for approved Chronic Disease Management)

  • Charges for medical reports

  • Ambulance fees

For more information for Medisave withdrawal limits for inpatient and day surgery, please click here on Healthcare Financing.