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Online Eye Consultation

What is online eye consultation?

At SNEC, we offer you the option of attending your eye appointments remotely without having to leave your home. You will be connected to a member of your clinical care team in the centre via a secure video conferencing platform, accessible on your smartphone or computer.

During the video consultation, advice will be given to you on the appropriate management of your eye condition under our care.

After the session:

  • Medications, if any, will be sent via courier service to your address.

  • Medical certificate, if required, will be sent digitally through SMS with a link for you to retrieve.

  • A payment notification will be sent to you via SMS.


Benefits of video consultation

  • Provide convenience in the comfort of your own home while ensuring continuity of care.

  • Save time and money from travelling and waiting at the clinic.

  • Ensure that you receive timely review of your eye condition when there may be operational restrictions or limitations that affect the provision of face-to-face consultation, e,g, during times of infectious disease outbreak.

Eligiblity for video consultation

  • Subsidised patients on follow-up consultations are eligible for video consultation.
    Do ask your doctor about it.

Download User Guide & FAQs


How does it work?

Before the video consultation

  1. You will receive a user guide on how to access and download the Zoom application from an SNEC staff.

  2. You will need a computer, tablet or mobile phone with camera and an internet connection, and a microphone. Please note that any hardware/connection costs will be borne by you.

During the video consultation

  1. We will confirm your identity (i.e., your name, NRIC and current address). Please have your NRIC ready for verification.

  2. Your doctor will then proceed with the consultation.


How do I need to prepare for the video consultation?

  • Inform your doctor of any allergies and changes to your medical condition and/or medications since your last consultation.

  • Download Zoom prior to the consultation. An e-appointment URL link will be sent to you via SMS to connect to the video call. Please ensure the safekeeping of the URL link to prevent any unauthorised access.

  • Inform us ahead if you need your family member or caregiver to be with you during the consultation, and if you require interpretation service.

  • Ensure that you are in a private place that is well-lit and quiet with no other persons present except for your authorised caregiver (if required).

  • Enter the session by clicking on the URL link 10 minutes before your scheduled time and wait for your doctor.


Download Zoom App

Zoom on iTunes App Store Health Buddy on Google Play Store

    Or download the desktop app