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At SNEC, our nurses are the largest component of our workforce and help to power our numerous successes and drive our multiple achievements. In collaboration with doctors and allied health professionals, our nurses provide education, guidance and resources to individuals of every age in a wide variety of settings who are managing an eye illness or chronic condition.

Our nurses are the faces of SNEC, helping patients understand discharge and post-surgery care plans, medication regimens and appointment follow-ups. They impact patients and their families on a personal level by combining nursing science with caring and compassion for an experience that reaches far beyond a patient’s visit in the eye centre.

The nurses demonstrate leadership by taking an active role in advancing nursing quality and patient safety. As nurses, they focus on assessing and treating patients with a variety of eye diseases and injuries. They care for patients with eye disorders and assist the team of medical staff in various clinical settings. Their responsibilities include preparing patients for outpatient visits, applying eye drops and performing vision tests.

In the operating theatre and day ward, the nurses carefully and safely position patients for surgery, verify surgical site, and help with the instrumentation. They also provide post-operative care to a diverse patient population. They are required to assess patients and resources, plan for the scheduled surgery and post-discharge care, implement the plan, and evaluate the patient's and family's understanding of the information and their ability to manage self-care at home.


In an era of unprecedented change in healthcare, our nurses continue to accept each challenge as an opportunity to meet the needs of our patients and their family members and to develop innovative approaches that are recognised as best practices.

Our nurses also inspire younger generations to pursue an education and career in the healthcare field. They serve as role models for the individuals who will one day care for us. They display the heart and compassion that embodies the essence of the nursing profession.