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Eye Care Tips


  • Outdoor activities

  • Don't just stick around indoors. Studies have shown that staying outdoor to play can prevent onset and slow myopia progression

  • Take frequent eye breaks

  • Relax your eyes for 3 to 5 minutes after half an hour of close range work or activity

  • Light up adequately

  • Increase the illumination of your work space with a table lamp to reduce eye strain

  • Read from a distance

  • Keep your reading materials at least 35cm away from your eyes, 50-60cm away from the computer and 2 metres or further from television

  • Work desk ergonomics

  • Get the right setup done, a comfortable table height with feet flat from the ground, and a straight posture

  • UV protection

  • Shield your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays to prevent abnormal ocular changes

  • Protective eye wear

  • Choose suitable pair of glasses when playing contact sports to prevent injuries and trauma to eye

  • Regular eye checks

  • Schedule and stick to regular eye check-ups - even if you have a clean bill of health for your peepers previously