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About Myopia Centre

Did you know?

Singapore holds one of the highest rates of myopia in the world.

20% of children in Singapore are myopic by 7 years old.

Over 80% of adult Singaporeans are myopic.

People who are highly myopic are at a greater risk of developing early cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration and retinal detachment later in life.

Our eyes are precious gifts that can be easily taken away with myopia, leaving our world out of focus. That is why here at the Myopia Centre, we have set our sights on controlling and monitoring myopia progression and complications. With our one-stop hub designed to give you direct access to optometrists and doctors from start to end, any expert advice, treatments and tips you may need are readily available.

Today, our pursuit of evidence-based myopia management continues, anchored by the two pillars of research and education. We hope to restore immeasurable degree of comfort, convenience and peace of mind for your most priceless asset – your vision and your eyes.

At Myopia Centre, we help you tackle myopia in 3 easy steps.

1. Prevention

Small changes can make big differences.

Simple lifestyle modifications can delay the onset of myopia in young children, like going outdoors!

2. Management

Detect and intervene early for better outcomes.

Myopia progression in high-risk children are controlled and monitored from 6 years of age to prevent further complications in adulthood.

3. Education

Be myopia savvy – how to tackle this issue.

Public awareness is enhanced through our myopia prevention and control education campaigns, patient counselling, and digital solutions.