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What To Expect: ​3 Simple Steps

For an easy, fuss-free and convenient patient experience, upon your arrival:

Step 1 - Vision Assessment

  • Refraction test – A baseline check for vision and eye prescription
  • Squint test – Examining for any misalignment in your eyes, inwards or outwards
  • Amblyopia assessment – Screen for any possible lazy eye if fails to score normal correctable vision

Step 2 - In-Depth Evaluation

  • Slit lamp exam – Examine the health at front of your eye to spot for any cornea abnormalities, cataracts and more
  • Imaging and detailed scans – We go in depth with diagnostic tests, such as corneal topography, fundus photography, optical coherence tomography and more

Step 3 - Comprehensive Evaluation

  • Discussion – We keep you fully informed with updates on your review and analyse of assessment and scans
  • Advice – We provide guidance on myopia management or any other pathological management or treatments
  • Education – We inform you on vision care methods and advice you on your medication frequency. Keeping you updated on the latest update on myopia