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Our Services

Holistic. Integrated. Seamless.

These are the pillars on which we are built. They drive us to continuously explore and examine myopia-related research, innovation, technology and development. Supplemented with our clinical and retail expertise, our services fully support patients in every way possible through safe, reliable and effective treatments.


Adult Services

  • Visual assessment

  • Screening for myopia complications 

Children Services

  • Visual assessment

  • Control myopia progression 

Here’s what to take note of during your visit to Myopia Centre

  • Each visit may take 1-2 hours 

  • Bring along all glasses prescription and medical reports if available for your visit as this allows us to have a better understanding of the statues of the status of your eye

  • Dilating eye drops that enlarge pupils may be used during visit which may cause blurred vision for up to 1-2 days

  • Bring along sunglasses as dilating eye drops may cause more glare under bright light conditions

  • Don’t drive, as dilating eye drops may cause glare



  • Clinical trials– we will have in-depth discussion with you to see if there would be a good fit with certain ongoing research trials, if so wished.

  • Data collection


  • Myopia prevention and control education campaigns

  • Enhanced patient counselling

  • Digital solutions for patient education