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​The Oculoplastic Department conducts various instructional courses for general ophthalmologists as well as oculoplastic surgeons from the region yearly. Training positions are also available for local and overseas fellows through the SNEC Oculoplastic fellowship programme. We also hold regular public talks to educate the public on common oculoplastic conditions.

Our list of international fellows:
Name Country
Dr Kazuaki NakauchiJapan
Dr Yasuhiro TakahashiJapan
Dr Ooi Say GeeMalaysia
Dr Norlaila Bt TalibMalaysia
Dr Lin Oo NayMyanmar
Dr Tha Zin Wuit HmoneMyanmar
Dr Charmaine AngPhilippines
Dr Mark Anthony Tianco ImperialPhilippines
Dr Christine Therese Amurao SantosPhilippines
Dr Marco Antigua TumaladPhilippines
Dr Siti Yunia IrawatiPhilippines


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