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Corneal & External Eye Disease

Affiliated Links

The Department actively participates and contributes in regional and international organisations such as the Asia Cornea Society (ACS), Asian Eye Banking Association (AEBA), the Asia-Pacific Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists (APCLAO), and The Cornea Society.

In 2007, the Asia Cornea Society (ACS) was established in Singapore. The ACS is an organisation of corneal specialists throughout Asia. Headquartered at SNEC, the ACS has over 400 members from many Asian countries, including China, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, and Thailand. Professor Donald Tan is the first and current President of the ACS.

In 2009, ACS established a subsidiary organisation, Asian Eye Banking Association (AEBA), to link Asian eye banks under a single umbrella organisation. AEBA aims to collaborate on developing unified Asian eye banking standards, educational programs in eye donation, and most importantly, to provide a network of exporting and sharing of corneal tissue throughout Asia.

The Asia-Pacific Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists is a society that brings together contact lens ophthalmologists in the Asia-Pacific region. The SNEC Cornea Department shares in APCLAO’s common vision among contact lens ophthalmologists and researchers throughout the Asia-Pacific region in promoting the exchange of knowledge on clinical, educational and research aspects of contact lenses with special relevance to the Asia-Pacific region. Dr Lim Li is the current APCLAO Secretary General and Dr Cordelia Chan is the current Treasurer.

Professor Donald Tan serves on the Board of Directors of The Cornea Society (formerly known as the Castroviejo Society, 1975). This is an illustrious international society which promotes the knowledge, research and understanding of the cornea, external eye disease and refractive surgery.


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