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SNEC Ocular Reading Centre

SNEC Ocular Reading Centre (SORC) facilitates and supports sites through the provision of  retina images grading service to manage, enhance and promote nationwide diabetic screening. Our vast ocular imaging database and tele-ophthalmology platform are supported by a robust and well-equipped IT infrastructure.

SNEC Ocular Grading team comprises ophthalmic specialists, technicians and assistants who are trained to perform accurate interpretation of retinal fundus and other eye images. The team follows a standardised protocol to aid in diagnosis, detection and treatment of major eye diseases, within a stipulated timeframe.

Our team of versatile and accredited technicians are equipped with skills needed to perform our tasks. We play a significant and active role in diabetic retinopathy screening to deliver quality assurance for patient care.

We ensure effective and prompt service delivery by streamlining and automating the entire process, from image capturing on site to electronic transfer of the image via a dedicated conduit to the reading centre.