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Ophthalmic Investigations Services

Ophthalmic investigations are required to facilitate the diagnosis and management of a spectrum of eye diseases using a range of cutting-edge instruments.

In the area of glaucoma, for example, our staff are adept at performing visual field tests to look out for evidence of progression. They are also equipped with a range of semi-automated imaging tools to evaluate the optic nerve.

Such tools are constantly being upgraded, maintained and tested to ensure accurate readings, and to conform with regulations. We also keep abreast of recent advances in technology, so we can conduct our investigations effectively.

Biometry for cataract surgeries is one of the most critical investigations performed by our department. It incorporates several highly precise measurements that enable surgeries to be customised, so as to correct a patient’s pre-existing refractive error to a level that approaches the expected outcomes of refractive surgery.

Our team also participates in extensive research projects and audits spearheaded by SNEC and SERI that rely on our proprietary expertise. We pride ourselves on our communication skills to serve patients of all ages in a courteous and professional manner and strive to deliver timely and reliable results to the clinicians that need them.