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Medical Social Work

Medical social workers (MSWs) are our unsung heroes, helping patients and families through stressful situations. As part of a multi-disciplinary team, they collaborate with the SNEC healthcare team to serve patients, their families and the community in a holistic, patient-centric and integrated manner.

All MSWs are trained to help patients regain their physical and mental health and social functioning as much as possible. This is done by assessing a patient’s problems and developing new and cost-effective intervention programmes to support patients and their families who may have difficulties in coping with emotional, psycho-social, financial and care problems arising from ill health, traumatic injuries and loss of vision.

In reaching out to the community, our MSWs have been involved in community eye screenings where they are on-site to advise residents on their eye examination outcomes and follow-up appointments.

In November 2013, together with Singapore General Hospital’s MSW Department, SNEC’s MSWs have successfully piloted and implemented the One Medifund scheme.  This scheme enables patients to undergo just one assessment which is valid for six months across institutions on SGH Campus. Previously, patients had to go through multiple assessments when applying for assistance at different institutions.

Our MSW team also co-authored a facilitator and operational manual called ADAPT Lah! The Singapore Living Successfully with Low Vision Programme and completed a research project together with the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI), based on the manual in 2015.