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Request for Medical Report

How do I submit my request?

By e-Form

        Please click here to apply:

        Request for a Medical Report

By Mail

  • Please download and complete the following forms:

  • For cheque payment, please enclose a crossed cheque made payable to "Singapore National Eye Centre Pte Ltd" and indicate patient’s name & last 4 characters of the NRIC at the back of the cheque.

  • Please attach a photocopy of patient’s NRIC (front and back view) and other supporting documents e.g. Insurance Claim Form, birth/marriage/death certificates etc.

  • Mail your application to:
    Health Information Management Services
    Medical Registry & Reports
    Singapore National Eye Centre
    11 Third Hospital Avenue Singapore 168751


  • Patients aged 21 years and above who will provide written consent for the release of medical information.

  • If the patient is below 21 years old, the consent of the patient’s legally appointed representative (parent/guardian) is required.

  • If the patient is deceased or mentally incapacitated, the patient’s next-of-kin or legally appointed representative may apply with relevant supporting documents.

  • Interested third parties (e.g. insurance companies) may apply with patient’s written consent.


Please refer to Notes on Application for the Release of Medical Information for more details.

Application for Patients ​Supporting Documents
Below 21 years old
  • ​Copy of patient’s birth certificate

  • Copy of parent’s/guardian’s NRIC/FIN (front and back)

  • ​Copy of death certificate

  • Proof of applicant’s relationship to the deceased (e.g. marriage/birth certificate/letters of administration).

  • Form B - Letter of Undertaking

​Mentally Incapacitated
As a general guide, the charges and time frame for completion of medical reports are indicated below. The fees below do not include Laboratory charges / X-ray charges / Facility Fees.
However, we may experience a delay in processing some requests due to the following reasons:
  • The application form is incomplete and / or supporting documents required for verification are not produced

  • Patient has multiple reports requested from several clinical departments

  • Patient has upcoming / frequent clinic appointments

  • Patient has been admitted to the ward

  • Doctor is away

Types of Requests Description  Fee (Includes GST)  Remarks  Service Standards
Brief Reports/ Investigation Result/ Referral letter
Duplicate copy of Day Surgery Discharge Summary
Brief information of the surgery, diagnosis and procedureS$12.00 Please indicate date of surgery
1 week
Doctor's Memo
Please indicate your requirement e.g. diagnosis with date of consultation

S$12.00 Brief information as specified by patient
4 weeks
Duplicate copies of investigation result

E.g. Results of lab result, CT scan, MRI scan, glasses prescriptionS$12.96 - S$23.76
​Duplicate copy of

referral Letter

Referral Letter from polyclinic or private medical centre provided by the patient

Completion of Forms
Completion of Pre-Surgery Insurance Approval FormAn insurance claim form to be completed by the doctor before the surgeryS$55.51Please obtain the insurance form from your insurance agent/company and indicate the date of surgery4 weeks
Completion of Insurance Claim FormAn insurance claim form to be completed by the doctorS$120
Completion of Permanent Disability Claim FormA form for the doctor to assess the patient's disability statusS$220
Completion of Eye Assessment FormA form to be completed by the eye specialistS$12.00 - $55.51

The form is to be provided by the patient

Summary Report
Ordinary Medical ReportA report put up by the doctor based on patient's medical records. It is a factual record of the patient's eye condition and treatment / medication being received by the patient.S$120 4 weeks
Neuro-Ophthalmology Medical ReportA detailed report for Neuro-Ophthalmology patients

S$157.25 or S$280.85

Fee differs for each case. Do not make pre-payment.
Specialist Medical ReportA report that highlights the history of medical complaint or injury. The doctor will include findings of the assessment as well as prognosis of the patient.S$220
Work Injury Reports
Work Injury
Compensation Report
An assessment to determine work-related injuries, the degree and period of disability for Workmen's Compensation Act. Scope of the report is as per "Medical Report on Traumatic Injuries for Workmen's Compensation" form prescribed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).S$120

Report will be sent directly to MOM / Insurance Company

4 weeks
Workmen's Compensation Medical Board Assessment ReportA referral from the Ministry of Manpower to assess and re-determine work-related injuries, the degree and period of disability when any of the parties (insurer, employer or injured worker) object to the results of the initial workmen's compensation assessment. Scope of the report is as per "Referral of Objection to Permanent Incapacity Under Compensation (Medical Board) Regulations 2005 – Medical Report on Traumatic Injuries for Workmen's Compensation" form prescribed by the Ministry of Manpower.S$367 Report will be sent directly to MOM.

All completed medical reports will be encrypted in PDF and sent to the recipient’s email address. Hardcopies will only be provided upon request via registered mail. There will be postage fees incurred for registered mail.


Type of Delivery Services Mailing Charges
​Local Registered Mail​S$2.83
Overseas Registered Mail (Countries within South-East Asia)S$3.24
Overseas Registered Mail (Rest of the World)S$6.48
Overseas Courier Services (Countries within South-East Asia)S$27.00
Overseas Courier Services (Rest of the World)S$54.00

The regular consultation and hospitalisation fees paid do not include cost for a medical report as not every patient requires one.

A fee has to be levied for this additional service of providing medical reports to cover the hospital’s administrative costs and the doctor’s professional input. This is standard practice across all restructured hospitals in Singapore.

You may contact us at:

Health Information Management Services
Medical Registry & Reports
Tel: (65) 6322 9499