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Tearing Disorders

Tearing Disorders - What it is

Tears are produced constantly by the lacrimal gland which is located under the upper eyelid. Tears are essential because they form a thin film that coats the front surface of the eye and prevents it from becoming dry. Normally, tears are quickly drained from the eye through a system of channels that lead from the inner corner of the eyelids into the nose. This system of channels is called the lacrimal drainage system.

Illustration: Lacrimal drainage system

Tearing disorders may be due to irritation of the eye or disorder of the drainage system. This can be determined by paying a visit to an ophthalmologist who will perform simple tests to determine the cause.

Tearing Disorders - How to prevent?

Tearing Disorders - Diagnosis

Tearing Disorders - Preparing for surgery

Tearing Disorders - Post-surgery care

Tearing Disorders - Other Information

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