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Our Outreach Programmes

For more than 25 years, SNEC and SERI have conducted and participated in community programmes such as free eye screenings, awareness events, and voluntary on-site work. Here are some of the notable projects that we have participated in: 

  • The National Eye Care Day, an annual community fair organised by SNEC and SERI since 2000. The fair seeks to raise awareness of common blinding conditions in Singapore and educate the community about the importance of preventive eye care. To date, we have screened more than 35,000 participants, mainly seniors from various parts of Singapore.
  • We held public talks on eye health and common eye disorders in partnership with community centres, grassroots organisations, schools and voluntary welfare organisations.
  • We established the Mobile Eye Clinic (MEC) project which brings eye care screening services to the most vulnerable Singaporeans.  This group may be unable to access appropriate healthcare due to physical or logistical barriers.

  • We provided free eye screenings at Kayin Chaung Station Hospital, Myanmar. This Singapore-led initiative was started as part of an international emergency response in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis in 2008.
  • We organise bi-annual visits to the Yangon Eye Hospital and the Yangon Military Hospital to conduct sub-specialty training and share medical knowledge and expertise.
  • In partnership with the Ayerwaddy State District Government, SNEC clinician Dr Marcus Ang led a team of optometrists and ophthalmologists who organised free eye clinics, conducted cataract surgeries, as well as facilitated training sessions. This ongoing initiative has treated more than 10,000 patients from the Himalayas to rural South East Asian.
  • In collaboration with the Tzu Chi Foundation, SNEC clinician, Dr Jayant Venkatramani spearheaded efforts to conduct regular free eye clinics for the less privileged in Singapore. He is also involved in humanitarian eye care programs in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and China.

All of the above efforts reaffirm our goal and mission of caring beyond borders and extending eye care services to vulnerable communities in and beyond Singapore.

Be a part of our mission and leave a legacy of sight to those who need it the most.

$10 may mean a weekday lunch to some of us. But it can also go a long way towards paying a needy patient’s fees, sponsoring an ophthalmologist in training, or funding innovative treatment for eye conditions.

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