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About VisionSave

Launched in July 2016, VisionSave is a novel initiative that taps on philanthropic investment to usher in innovative eye care research, treatment and delivery in Singapore and the region. It also aims to save sight and ensure optimal outcome for every patient. 

VisionSave aligns with SNEC and SERI’s reputation as a centre of eye care and research excellence in Singapore, as well as the philanthropic spirit of the late SNEC founder Professor Arthur Lim, who modelled a giving spirit in both his personal and professional endeavours.

VisionSave aims to:

These steps will go a long way to:

  • Save vision by preventing avoidable blindness

  • Restoring vision by helping those already experiencing vision loss

  • Protect vision by addressing people at risk of sight loss

To fulfil these noble intentions, VisionSave targets to raise $25 million by 2020. So far, close to $6 million has been raised, from donations as well as contributions from The EYE Ball, VisionSave’s annual fundraising gala. We are grateful for the generous contributions that we have received. But, we are still a distance away from our target.

Every contribution counts towards better quality of life for those with impaired vision and a brighter future for eye care. By giving, we bring hope to those who have none. We need your support to save Singapore’s vision.

Click here to know how your generous contributions have impacted the lives of:

Be a part of our mission and leave a legacy of sight to those who need it the most.

$10 may mean a weekday lunch to some of us. But it can also go a long way towards paying a needy patient’s fees, sponsoring an ophthalmologist in training, or funding innovative treatment for eye conditions.

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