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Education: Collaborating with Vietnam National Eye Hospital (VNEH)

SNEC had entered a strategic partnership with Santen Pharmaceutical Asia Pte. Ltd. in December 2020 to provide educational programs for Healthcare Professionals in the Asia Pacific region including countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia.

The key objective of the partnership is to jointly develop and deploy an enhanced educational program to address the shortage of trained healthcare professionals, which will contribute to development of the eye care ecosystem throughout the region. The program delivery leverages on conducting the program using a combination of knowledge delivery via the online learning management platform and skills delivery via a hands-on onsite skills development practicum.

A 5-day onsite Train-the-Trainer program was launched in June 2022 at Vietnam National Eye Hospital (VNEH) where a pool of VNEH master trainers underwent a comprehensive program that equipped them teaching pedagogy concepts and facilitation skills to deliver the "SNEC Allied Ophthalmic Program (AOP) for VNEH." Subsequently, a 2-month offsite pilot program was launched in VNEH in end July to mid-September 2022. In the pilot program, VNEH master trainers took on the lead role to deliver the pilot program to a total of 23 VNEH trainees with co-facilitations and support from SNEC program team. 

The pilot program coverage consists of a total of 13 AOP topic offerings which includes 2 competency-based basic ophthalmic investigation skills such as Visual field and instilling eyedrops. To enhance learning and bridge language barrier as not all VNEH trainees are conversant in English language, an interactive e-learning content had been developed and translated to Vietnamese language.  The program team had also attended a site-visit to better understand VNEH's clinical workflow and patient load as well as equipment used so as to contextualize the skills training to ensure relevancy of the pilot program. Modular review and feedback sessions were also conducted at the end of each module during the pilot program to evaluate for program improvements.

SNEC, Santen and VNEH are working in close collaboration to launch the upcoming full AOP program launch at VNEH.

Contributed by:


 Dr Thiyagarajan Jayabaskar
 Director, Educational Development Unit & Fellowships


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