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Issue 1/2023

A warm welcome to all readers to our latest edition of EyeSight. As always, we are happy to share the going-ons in our centre, which include clinical innovations, new research frontiers and educational initiatives.

In research highlights, we speak to Dr Jacqueline Chua on her team’s paper on improving normative parameters for retinal nerve fibre layer thickness to account for factors other than age, such as refractive status. We also speak to Dr Simon Nusinovici about his research on the association of HDL-3 cholesterol and glaucoma. We were very glad to have the opportunity to chat with them over video interviews, be sure to check the clips out.

Dr Milton Chew also shares with us his findings on post COVID-19 vaccine uveitis and how the data can be used to help clinicians deal with uveitis patients in this post-pandemic world. Dr Foo Li Lian gives us a brief overview into the use of artificial intelligence to predict high myopia in childhood. Another intriguing insight into clinical matters is from Assistant Nurse Clinician, Ng Lai Heong, who discusses her experience training in, and providing service for brachytherapy service. We also check in with Dr Andrew Tsai, who recently embarked on his retina fellowship in Taiwan.

In other updates, read about how our centre recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Institute of Adult Learning to transform and advance workplace leaning through digitisation, and also about our collaboration with Nanyang Technological University to promote STANCE, a programme to bring technological advances to practical applications.

We hope that you have a pleasant reading journey ahead!

Assoc Prof Audrey Chia (Editor-in-Chief)
Dr Loh Kai Lyn (Co-Editor-in-Chief)

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