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Fellowship in Ocular Inflammation & Immunology


The SNEC Ocular Inflammation & Immunology Fellowship programme provides training in the clinical and surgical evaluation and management of patients with all types of uveitis-related disorders.


1 year

Programme Details

Clinical Exposure

  • The fellow will help run outpatient clinics and manage inpatient care where he/she will participate in the evaluation, investigation, diagnosis, counselling and management of a broad range of uveitis and scleritis disorders. Fellows will be trained in the interpretation of all investigations that are required for the evaluation and treatment of such disorders

  • Fellows will be closely supervised during all clinic session

  • There is no call schedule, but fellows are expected to be the first line in managing any emergencies related to uveitis and scleritis disorders

  • The fellow will participate in the evaluation and management of patients with a variety of uveitis and related disorders, e.g. non-infectious/infectious/postsurgical ocular inflammatory disease etc

  • The fellow will also learn to manage patients with complications of uveitis

Surgical Exposure
The fellow may be attached to a senior staff in the operating theatre to observe, assist and learn cataracts procedures in uveitis patients, diagnostic biopsy of ocular tissue, and therapeutic implant surgery. However, competency and performance of complex cataracts surgery is not the focus of this fellowship.

Educational / Research Exposure
Fellows are required to participate in clinical rounds and daily ward reviews, journal clubs/teaching programmes, retrospective and prospective clinical research and quality assurance audit programmes of the department. All fellows will also participate in teaching of residents and/or medical students and attend all SNEC meetings.

Number of Places Available

1 - 2 every year